All Because of His Grace, Live Streaming Service – August 3, 2020


PMPPKN (Indonesian Christian Student and Youth Fellowship) Live Streaming took place on Monday, August 3, 2020 on PMPPK National Facebook and Instagram Zona Anak Tuhan.

The word of the Lord was delivered by Tio, taken from Jeremiah 29:11.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans that I have for you, says the Lord, a plan of peace, not a plan of calamity, to give you a hopeful future.

Praise God if in this scripture God gives a promise that is a plan which is a plan of peace and not a plan of misfortune for all of us. What a great gift we can get from Lord Jesus that He gives it for us today. From the time we wake up in the morning till the end of the day, even for twenty-four hours God has prepared the plan for each of us. That is a plan of peace and not an accident to give you a hopeful future. So friends, if we want to live in the peaceful plan of God and not the plan of misfortunes, we must live in the Word of God, we must live in God, we must believe and trust our lives completely to Lord Jesus that He has beautiful plan for each of us. Even to this day when we are still alive, it is all because of God. If today we can still breathe, it is because of the Word of God, because it is God who guards. Because the Lord Jesus loves us so much.

Friends, the Word of God that we read today is truly amazing. We know that we live each day together with God for twenty-four hours in God’s plan. But how can we receive the whole Word of God? We must really want to come and live in Lord Jesus. We must really want to change, repent and come back to Lord Jesus. Praise God that today we can hear the Word of God, through this live streaming PMPPKN. This is a great gift that God has given us, a great opportunity that God has given us.

Praise theLord, everyone, glad we have entered a new life in God’s design. We have entered into a life that we live in the Word of God. Lord Jesus has been very kind to each of us. It feels good that today we have received God’s Word which is something amazing.

The Word of God is continued by brother Dony taken from Matthew 8: 1-3.

Matthew 8: 1-3
After Jesus came down from the hill, crowds flocked to follow Him. Then a leper came to Him, then bowed down worshiping Him and saying: “Sir, if you want, you can cleanse me.” Then Jesus stretched out His hand, touched the man and said: “I want to, be cleansed.” Immediately the person was cleared of his leprosy.

God’s Word this afternoon tells the story of Jesus healing a leper. When Jesus came down the hill, many people followed Jesus at that time. Because at that time Jesus had just finished preaching on the hill and many people were going to witness his sermon at that time. And when the Lord Jesus came down from the hill, a leper came to Him. What did he do? He bowed down worshiping God and said “Sir, if you want, you can cleanse me.” (Matthew 8: 2). At that time, the leper had the courage to come to God, because at that time the leper was an outcast. They have their own place, they are exiled in their own place and they are dressed in rags, they also have to cover their faces and shout “Unclean, unclean ..” God was on the hill at that time and there was faith arose at that time.

Because we believe, faith comes from hearing the Word of God. And at that moment with one courage he came to God. He did not care about the people at that time, he did not care about the rules at the time, but he came to God. He bowed down worshiping God and he said “Lord Jesus, if Lord Jesus wants, You can cleanse me ..” and at that moment Lord Jesus reached out His hand, touched him and he received a gift which was healing. One disease that couldn’t be cured, God healed. God healed leprosy instantly. God not only atoned for our sins through His suffering on the cross, but He also bore all of our sicknesses. The Word of God says “By His stripes we are healed …”