About Us

The PMPPKN (Persekutuan Mahasiswa Pemuda Pelajar Kristiani Nasional – Indonesian Christian Student and Youth Fellowship) is an organization for Christian ministry primarily focusing to minister for young people (high school and campus students and also youth) and inter-denominational.

PMPPKN has been founded since 1996, with the name of PMPPKJ – Persekutuan Mahasiswa Pemuda Pelajar Kristiani Jabodetabek – Jabodetabek Christian Student and Youth Student Fellowship, initiated by high school and campus students in Jakarta with burden for many young people who live in sin bondage such: drug addicted, free sex, dispute among students, unemployment, in hard situations to be free and live in victorious Christian life. Read more

Vision & Mission

The vision of the PMPPKN is “Being a blessing and light to others”, Bringing the truth of the Word and Love of the Lord Jesus Christ into the lives of Christian students and youth to be a blessing and light to others in their respective circles. Read more

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