Our Ministry

Doa Bagi Bangsa (Pray For Nation)

Pray for Nation is a kind of cooperation ministry that engage young people from school, college and many of churches denomination.

This event contains of praying for nations, preaching the God’s word, praise and worship and also healing prayer.
The main purpose of this event is to get all the young people involve to be a revivalist and be a prayer for their city/nation.
As stated in Act 2:17 that it shall come to pass in the last days that God will pour out of Thy Spirit upon all flesh.

Service Hospital (Hospital Ministry)

It is an activity service in the hospitals in every city, such as visiting patients and praying for them.

This service is open for young people from students in Senior High School and University, in this ministry the power of God works and God use them and many miracle happen.

Young people who serve in this ministry are equipped with training and we train them how to serve and pray for patients in the patient’s rooms.

The Purpose of this ministry:
To give the opportunity to young people especially students from Senior High School and University who have a longing to serve God and pray for the sickness.

Schools Ministry

– Acceptance of new students ministry
– School fellowship ministry

The purpose of school ministry is to reach out student in Jakarta moreover in all city in Indonesia (Sabang to Merauke). It is held in both public and private school.
Kind of school ministry :
– preaching God’s words
– watching religious movie
– Leadership Seminar
The event is done to bring the students knowing God deeper, full of love and witnesses God among their communities.

Faith Refreshment Ministry

Faith Refreshment Ministry is a service that is held from village to village in every region from Sabang to Merauke.

In this ministry PMPPKN team also conducts of spiritual movie and serves many churches.
The implementation of this ministry is a collaboration with the local church and also with the local village leader.
In the ministry they comes from various denominations of the church and from the environment from children to parents.
The purpose of this Faith Refresment Ministry :
1. To bring the churches and families to feels God’s Love and the Power of God that never changes now and forever.
2. To bring many people come and to know God in their personal lives.

Leadership Seminar

Leadership seminar is a leadership training for young people, it can be student or college student. It is conducted in school or university that have cooperation with PMPPKN team.

The content of the seminar is :
1. God’s plan
2. How to become a good leader according to God’s will
3. How to become a good worship leader
4. How to be a strong successful young generation

The aim of this seminar is
– to let the young people recognize their potential as good leader
– to build them as a responsible young generation