Campus Ministry

Campus ministry is one of the very important ministry in PMPPKN since campus students are the leader for the future. This ministry starts with burden in hearts to see the campus students to be win and live their life as good Christian, not just filling their life with campus education but also balancing with strong Christian life.

The purpose of this ministry is to bring out the truth of God’s Word and Jesus’ love for campus students and equipping them also to minister others hence many more to be saved.

Events of campus ministry :
1. Preaching God’s Word
2. Learning God’s Word
3. Leadership seminar
4. Campus Retreat
5. Watching religious film
6. No Free Sex and Abortion Seminar, etc

PMPPKN aims that many campus students in many cities of Indonesia are served and live in the truth in Jesus Christ. They become the blessing to others in their campus and community.