Seminar and Training

a. Regional Seminar

Semda (Seminar Daerah) / Regional Seminar has been held in in some cities of Indonesia and it’s covering young people. Participants of the event are those who have vision to win their living place to God. Through this seminar, they are given the desire to be a mover in schools, campus/university and churches. What usually happen is that when they are participating in this event, they will return to their hometown to preach. They are all now have the fire to be a mover in school, campus/university and they are preaching their friends as well. Now in each city, they are moving to many other villages, campus/universities preaching the gospel. The desire to continuously preaching the gospel

b. National Seminar

 Semnas is stands for “Seminar Nasional” in English is National Seminar. It is an event that gather all PMPPKN disciples from Sabang to Meurake (all places in Indonesia). They are who join this event is actively participate in PMPPKN events. This event is held 3 days. Through this event they meet each other from different cities and share love as a family together. They who participate in this event are taught with the materials that is able to make their faith grow, let them know God’s plan in their lives, and also taught about character building as well. The purpose of this event are : – to build them as revivalists of the city – to let them be  a young generation that grow and have fear of God.

c. Leadership Seminar

 Leadership seminar is a leadership training for young people, it can be students or college students. It is conducted in schools or universities which have cooperation with PMPPKN team. The content of the seminar is : 1. God’s plan 2. How to become a good leader according to God’s will 3. How to become a good worship leader 4. How to be strong and successful young generation The aim of this seminar is : – To let the young people recognize their potential as good leaders – To build them as responsible young generation

d. No Drugs, No Freesex and No Abortion Seminar

   The danger of Illegal drugs is a public great concern. The abuse of illegal drugs is very dangerous for family, public and the future of a nation. Freesex and abortion is prevalent among young people, because many of them have promiscuity, broken-home and lack of religious knowledge, therefore they are easily doing it. This seminar is very important so that they can understand more about the dangerous and the effect of it. We hope that young generation will live better and have fear of God.