Article of PMPPKJ Formation, Jakarta on November 8th 2019


God again immersed amongst the young people from Jabodetabek in the WR1 “We Are One” event organized by the Zona Anak Tuhan (ZAT) which is a place of service under the PMPPKN that was taken place in November 8, 2019 at Ragunan Wildlife Park.

There were 250 participants from Jabodetabek from various schools and universities. Faraway distance did not hinder their enthusiasm to participate in this event.

At 08.00 WIB, participants began to arrive to gather around in the grass field in Ragunan Zoo Park. They came with joy. Smiles and laughter adorn every face of those who come.

The event was opened with a prayer led by Ms. Berlin. Before entering into the praise, the participants getting to know each other through icebreaking game. It started with singing “Jalan serta Yesus” with the familiar game that comes along with the song. Than wrapped with the well known PMPPKN yells “Young man .. Arise! Ready to serve God? Yes yes yes! When? Now!”.

Afterward, the program entered the Praise and Worship by singing Hari ini hari yang telah dijadikan Tuhan. They sing these songs with joy. Where they point at each other and say “you’re my brother, you’re my best friend” to one another. Everyone clapped, jumped and even held hands while praising God. What a beautiful sight.

Entering the Word of God, they were invited to prepare their hearts by singing “Like a thirsty deer” and Ps. Maruli Sinambela stepped forward, leading in prayer and bringing the Word of God.

God Calling You

Where God does not look at the background of our lives. Maybe we come from different families, different skin colors, different colleges or schools.
However, are we aware that there is a great plan of God in our lives? Namely God’s Call.

It may be that in this life, we have many shortcomings and weaknesses. But God does not see it all. He has fallen in love with us and He wants to call us a covenant for many people and use us in our youth.

Therefore, whatever sins we have committed before, let’s come to God. Ask for earnest forgiveness from Him. He is a good God. His blood was shed to atone for our sins because He loved us all.

Let’s give your life to God from now on and let Him use your life to glorify His name

In the midst of that, Ps. Maruli Sinambela led all of them to pray together to start a new life together with the Lord Jesus. Everyone sings “Hanya ini Tuhan”. They sing earnestly. They look very touched when singing this song. Thank God.

Not only that, they are also challenged to take the commitment to serve God from now on. While the music continues, they all raise their hands and pray as a sign that they want to serve God. Then Ps. Maruli prayed that they would be faithful in their calling.

Then the event continued with an introduction from PMPPKN and what forms of service. Such as service to schools, campuses, even serving as participate in music ministry. Many of them are interested and immediately register themselves.

After that enter the outbound session. Yes, one of the long-awaited participants. They were divided into eight groups. Each group decides the codes that have been prepared by the committee. These codes are the key to enter the next game such as volleyball water, gladiator and main feel.

Laughter, tension and cohesiveness of each participant become an illustration of the excitement of the games. Each of them is getting closer and getting to know each other. Do not forget also the yells between groups also added excitement in this session.

After completing the outbound, enter the Jabodetabek PMPPK Formation session. One by one the names of the administrators were called. Forward 4-5 representatives from various Kodya such as West Jakarta, North Jakarta, East Jakarta, Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi.

The song “Indonesia Tanah Air Beta” accompanies the submission of Jabodetabek maps as a symbol that this is the area they will serve. Where then the group will held regular get together meetings in the future. Each kodya made a circle and placed his hands on the map and prayed for their city.

The atmosphere of intercession prayers grip the heart of every participant present. They alternately pray for the city where they live. It appears that they to have a heart for this nation.

After finishing praying for the nation, the event was closed in prayer by Ps. Endah Caratri.

Truly, praise be to God for His calling and purpose to use these young people for the glory of His name.