The Children and Teens Faith Feast at GKS Tanalingu, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara On June 12th-15th, 2018

Kemah Ceria

It was the opening day of the Children and Teens Faith Feast (CTFF), On June 12th, 2018 at 3.00 PM (Central Indonesian Time).

The opening ceremony was attended by the Vice-Regent of Sumba, Rende Sub-District head, and all CTFF participants accompanied by the spiritual counselors of each church. 5 churches which were involved in, from GKS Tanalingu, GKS Pau Umabara, GKS Melolo, GKS Kayuri, and GKS Tanaraing. The event was conducted at GKS Tanalingu for 4 days on June 12th-15th, 2018.

The next day at 4.00 PM each participants had quite time in their tends, praying and meditating God’s Word. Then, the morning service started with praise by Ms. Sarlyna Bantaika which made the whole participants were very excited praising the Lord. Continued airing a film of 6-minute Jesus that led Mrs. Sartika Simamora to bring Word of God, taken from Jeremiah 29: 11-13 where they were invited to see how God’s great love for each of them, where God gives the peaceful plan to them and the design that God gives is to bring the hopeful future. The whole participants were still in elementary school and junior high school so there they were taught so that in their growth, they will become humans who believe and always rely on the Lord Jesus in everyday life. Afterwards, the participants were requested to close their eyes and follow the prayer in voice to receive the Lord Jesus, become God and Savior in their lives. Praise God all participants and their spiritual counselors followed the prayer earnestly. There were 300 people saved.

Evening service was opened by Ms. Sarlina Bantaika who asked the participants to sing again with joy. After going through such a dense day, but they all were still lively.
It was very visible from their faces, they were so delighted and spirited to sing with the movement.
Before hearing the Word, every participant were bid to worship God.
Mrs. Sartika Simamora reviewed God’s Word that she delivered in the morning and again reminded that God has a design for their lives.
Later on she invited for everyone who wanted to serve the Lord to raise their hands and Praise God all participants were willing to serve the Lord. That evening service was closed with a prayer.

At 8.00 PM on Thursday morning they had gathered in the church and with their enthusiasm to praise the Lord and dance as well.
God’s Word delivered by Ms. Mabella Zefanya, from Matthew 6: 26-27, she told to the whole participants to always give thanks for everything which they have from Lord Jesus and learn from the sparrows.
Then the Word of God was being continued by bringing more participants to see the people around whose lives are no better than them. So they were requested to love their fellow men by praying and helping directly. Next, airing Nick’s film that taught them to be grateful. Nick does not have hands and feet but he can still help others with the testimony of life and the preaching of God’s Word.
Later they committed to always give thanks in their lives and willing to surrender their lives in the hands of the Lord. The Word closed with a prayer and continued by Ms. Lenci Hale who taught a new song “The Jericho Wall and Aramsamsam”. They were enthusiastic learning those songs.

On the fourth day, in a cool morning it welcomed us and participants to enjoy the last day of CTFF.
In the morning service, they were given seminars on Gadget Rules and NFSA for all participants, brought by Mrs. Sartika Simamora. All of them paid attention seriously on both seminars.
At 6.00 PM participants gathered in the church in a circular sitting position. The meditation event was led by Ms. Lenci Hale. They were invited to reflect on their lives, contemplating what they would do with God’ love has given them. They were requested to make a personal commitment.

How great the Lord Jesus who has come to The Children and Teens Faith Feast event!