No Free Sex and Abortion Seminar on May 29th, 2018 at GPI POUK Praja IPDN in Jatinangor, West Java


Blessed be the Lord for His great love and wonderful plan!
God has expressed His love on Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 to His people at the event of “No Free Sex and Abortion Seminar” at GPI POUK Praja IPDN, Jatinangor, West Java.
Starting in the morning at 07.00 AM, some committees have arrived to prepare for the event. Appeared on their faces of joy and zeal to serve the Lord.

At 08.30 AM students from IPDN arrived, then followed from other campuses. The benches in the main room were almost full, but the souls were still coming. They were directed to fill the side room. While waiting for the event to begin, some songs were played, almost all of them sang those songs.
There was a peaceful atmosphere filled the room.
At 09.30 AM the event was started, led by Keysia Pasaribu (IKOPIN) and Nadia (IPDN).
Keysia and Nadia led to shout the yell and followed by all souls in the room.
The praises of “Jalan Serta Yesus” and “Kukasihi Kau Dengan Kasih Tuhan” were sung. It brought the present souls to feel joy and spirit.

Report from chairman of the committee was delivered by Wiruri from Padjajaran University.
The chairman conveyed that “Jatinangor is a gathering area of ​​campuses where vulnerable to negative association of young people. Many obstacles in preparing for this event but God helped open the way until the implementation of this event”.
Speech from Rev. Nonce Tandean was delivered on behalf of GPI POUK Praja IPDN.

The opening prayer was led by Frans R. (IPDN).
The Praises continued being raised with the following songs: Hari Ini Hari yang Telah Dijadikan Tuhan, Aku Anak Raja, and Mendidih di Hati.
It was time for the worship leader to invite everyone to worship God by singing the song “O Tuhan Yesus Kerinduan Hatiku”.
They worshiped God sincerely. Afterwards, Dr. Retha Simanjuntak brought the seminar medically. The material was shared and there were 3 questions asked in the Q & A session.

After the material of seminar was ended, it was the time for God’s Word to be delivered by Rev. Michelle Simalango. It began by singing “Tiap Langkahku Diatur oleh Tuhan”.
The Word of God from Luke 15: 11-12

And he said, A certain man had two sons:
And the younger of them said to his father, Father, give me the portion of goods that falleth to me. And he divided unto them his living.

If we do not appreciate what God has given us, then we will be like that lost son who had been a son but became a pig keeper, wanted to eat the pig’s dregs.
No matter how dirty his son was, he ran to hug his son.
His status was returned back as his father’s son. His father dressed up him with a robe, a ring and shoes, as a sign that he was a son of his father.
Our birth was not coincidence but it is said the same image as God. There is a plan of God in our lives, because of God’s help and will.

God’s Word was ended with a prayer and the souls were watching a Passion of the Christ’s movie, they watched the film seriously.
Praise the Lord, when the challenge of receiving the Lord Jesus was given, many raised their hands, asked God to come into their hearts.
How exciting to see those people gave their lives to serve the Lord!

Rev. Michelle Simalango then invited for those who had struggles to come forward to be prayed for. Some came forward and prayed.
Those who came forward were prayed for their problems.
Counsellors prayed for and embraced their friends who came forward with love.

That day at IPDN POUK Church, God saved and restored many souls who were present with His love. Their lives would no longer be the same, God has already transformed them into new ones!
Thank God!

Present: 400 souls
Receiving Jesus: 70 souls
Serving the Lord: 50 souls
Healing prayer: 7 souls

And here are the list of schools and colleges in attendance:
IPDN, IKOPIN, Padjajaran University, SMAN Jatinangor, SMP 2, SMAN 1 Rancaekek, Alumni of Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, and Bandung High School of Pharmacy.

Revival Jatinangor!