NFSA (No Free Sex and Abortion Seminar) in Sulawesi On June 13th, 2018


On June 11th-15, 2018 there was a Youth Camp at Bukit Sion Laro Ue Dongi, East Luwu, Sulawesi. PMPPKN team got an opportunity to serve at this Youth Camp event by giving NFSA (No Free Sex and Abortion Seminar). There were 400 participants from every region in Sulawesi.

NFSA Seminar was held on June 13th, 2018, at 08.10 AM (Central Indonesian Time) with the opening prayer first. Then, worship leader invited all the participants to praise and worship God.

After praising and worshiping the Lord, later the first session of No Free Sex and Abortion Seminar was given by Ms. Veronica Dwi. All participants listened well to the materials when the Word of God was being delivered. And the challenge of new born in Jesus Christ, then all really came to God and raised their hands. Praise God 400 souls accepted Jesus and saved.

After that, the session was brought by Ms. Jilly Stephanie, she explained to all of them about the dangers of abortion. After the materials being delivered, she invited them to repent if any of them have fallen into the sins of free sex and abortion.

Praise God who has expressed His love and grace to each of us!
God worked so great when NFSA took place!