Combined Passover Day Celebration among Schools in Malang, April 14, 2018

Unceasingly Malang city was visited by God, through various events and occasions, many times God worked to save and made every young generation give their lives to serve the Lord. That day, Saturday, April 14, 2018, from morning the Lord had declared His wish to pour out His love, the sky was clear and there was no sign of rain. Located at the hall of SMKN 11 Malang, Passover Day celebration started at 9 AM, even at 8 AM many have come. When viewing the attendance list, there were recorded 300 people who came from 10 high schools and 16 vocational schools in Malang. Praise was led by two Christian teachers from different schools and 1 disciple. Those who came, were filled with joy because of God’s salvation. The Word of God was delivered so that each of them who were present would realize that they needed Jesus in their lives, no one could help, but Jesus could. God’s Word was brought by of God’s servant from the local church in Malang. Then the Word delivered by the PMPPKN team, invited them to surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus and to serve Him, and many of them answered God’s calling, and gave their lives to serve the Lord. Hallelujah!