NFSA (No Free Sex and Abortion) Seminar in Malinau, Kalimantan, March 27th-28th, 2018


Malinau is loved by God, this is the right words to describe the city which is located in North Kalimantan Province. Two consecutive days, SMPN 1 Malinau City, SMPN 3 West Maluinau, SMPN 2 Malinau City, SMPN 3 North Malinau, and SMPN 1 North Malinau were visited by God. This could happen because many of the righteous people prayed for salvation of future generations of the nation.

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, SMPN 2 Malinau City was got God’s visit through NFSA seminar. The total number of Christian students attented from grade 1,2, and 3 was 180 students and 2 teachers. They really paid attention to every material given, and they all repented and believed in Jesus. They were greatly blessed by each material and God’s Word which were delivered.

Then the team went to SMPN 3 North Malinau. The religion teacher and principal were very welcome with our ministry offer. All the Christian students were required to come, there were 130 students and 2 teachers. In the beginning of the service every student was noisy, but when the material was being delivered, they were quiet and listened to the speaker. When the newborn challenge they all deeply touched, repented and accepted Jesus as the Lord and Savior.

Continuing the ministry, the team went to SMPN 1, North Malinau. Praise the Lord, all the teachers supported PMPPKN ministry and has ordered all Christian students to gather. 146 students and 2 teachers attended the Seminar. As the material was being delivered, they listened earnestly. Finally they repented and accepted Jesus as the Lord and Savior.
What wonderful days serving 3 schools in a short time!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018, in a rainy morning in Malinau City, but it never decreased the spirit of the PMPPKN team to serve SMPN 1 Malinau City. 195 students and 4 teachers including headmaster attended the Seminar. The atmosphere of the presence of God really felt. When the movie of Jesus’ sacrifice was being watched, many of them deeply touched. They all repented and accepted Jesus as the Lord and Savior, even raised their hands to serve the Lord.

The team immediately went to the next school, SMPN 3 West Malinau, although the rain did not stop yet, but it did not decline the spirit of the team. Praise the Lord the students arrived on time and immediately NFSA seminar was conducted. There 165 students and 2 teachers. They all listened and paid attention seriously. When the challenge to make Jesus as the Lord and Savior, they all lifted up their hands as the sign they repented sincerely and wanted to believe in the Lord Jesus. And they all raised their hands and stood up as they also wanted to be the servants of God. It is an incredible view, seeing them want to serve the Lord.

Wow it is amazing what God was doing! There were 828 souls won by God through PMPPKN Ministry. God is marvelous and He is doing a wonderful thing in Malinau, Borneo! Thank God!