NFSA (No Free Sex and Abortion) Seminar at SMAN 1 North Halmahera, February 19th, 2018


God never stops continuing to express His love to every young man He loves, wherever, He will come to save and pour out His love. This was reflected in the service of the PMPPKN team in Tobelo, a city where most of the citizens are Christians, in North Halmahera district, North Maluku Province

The PMPPKN team got an opportunity to hold NFSA (No Free Sex and Abortion) seminar at SMAN 1 North Halmahera, with full support from the vice of headmaster of student affairs. As the school does not have a hall, then the seminar was conducted in each class. There were 3 classes that were served on Monday, February 19th, 2018.

Praise the Lord, 143 students were saved by God. They believed in Lord Jesus as a Savior and repented from their sins. Even more, they were willing to serve God. God really worked wonderfully, saved and called His people out of the darkness and brought them to the miraculous Light of God. Hallelujah!