Campus Leadership Training in Jogja, February 10, 2018


Praise the Lord, Campus Leadership Training has been held at Instipar Campus in Jogja.
This event collaborated with PMPPKN Team and 16 campuses in Jogja.

The event started exactly at 9.00 AM, college students have started coming to fill the room 9f Instipar’s campus, it was on the 3rd floor. The event ran well, even when praise was being raised, all the students filled with joy to praise of God.

In each session they really listened what was being delivered. The Lord touched their hearts. The first session was conveyed that Jesus is willing to forgive their sins, and at that time they repented and made the Lord Jesus as their Savior.

While God’s servant challenge, the preacher asked them to give their lives to be used as servants of God, Praise the Lord there were 200 college students who were willing to give their lives to God.

This was a wonderful moment, God raised them to become movers for the city of Jogja.