Prayer for the Nation in Mamuju, October 24, 2017


The expecting day has come. Prayer for the Nation was held at Tamakaka University.

The service started with opening prayer, and sang anthem song “Bangun Pemuda Pemudi”. All of them who were present rejoiced and felt excited.

There was a movie about the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus on the cross, someĀ of them cried while watching it. Next continued with the Word of God, from Jeremiah 29:11 which conveys “God has a plan and God loves us very much and we need Jesus”.

Praise the Lord the whole souls accepted the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior, afterwards God’s Word continued with the challenge of healing and there were 36 souls who came forward, and praise God 16 souls healed by God from many illnesses.

When it was the time for the challenge of God’s calling there were 75 people came forward to be prayed, they wanted to be used as God’s servants.

Continued with prayer for the nation by 3 representatives.
Praise God for the event which had conducted, they were touched by God and went home joyfully.