Prayer for the Nation in Tondano – North Sulawesi Thursday, October 26, 2017


God has risen young people in Tondano, North Sulawesi through Prayer for the Nation. They were high school students and college students who attended at this event.

They all praised God with full heart and enthusiasm.
The Word of God was taken from Ecclesiastes 12:1-2 that even we are young, we should remember God. We recall God whom our Creator when we are young that He always exists. We are not living in this world forever, someday we will die or God will take us to heaven.

They paid attention seriously to the Word of God. They were asked to believe in Lord Jesus, they lifted up their hands and received Jesus in their hearts. All of them were touched by God.

The Word about healing testimony was taken from Mark 5:26, about a 12-year bleeding woman who had been healed by Jesus. When it was the time for healing prayer, there were 7 young who came forward, they had life’s burden.

They were also challenged to accept God’s calling to be His servants. Glory to God that they lifted up their hands and surrendered their lives to serve the Lord.

At the end of the event, whole of them prayed together for this nation. God is good who always wants to visit and raise young generation.
Amazing what God has done for Tondano!