Prayer for the Nation, Makasar, October 27, 2017


God is so good, He loves all of young people in Indonesia. God worked again and raised many young people in Makassar at Prayer for the Nation.
Many young people from every school and university came to this event, some of the parents were present too in this event There were about 90 people attending this event.

God’s Word was delivered from Psalms 139: 1-5.
“God really knows and cares for us.
God also loves us so much and He is always close to us.
But in fact, sometimes we always feel God is far away, difficult to find or to praise Him, and sometimes we do not understand when we read the Word of God.
The sins block us up. We can not come to God, therefore we must come to God and ask forgiveness”.

Praise the Lord they responded to God’s Word and accepted the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior.

At this event, we also prayed for those who were sick. There were 7 people came forward and we prayed for them, praise the Lord the healing occured. There were 2 people who were cured from shortness of breath and ulcer.

They also gave their lives to serve the Lord. Before the event finishing, we prayed for this nation, so God will work and restore to this nation.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!