Free Sex, Abortion and Drugs Seminar at SMK Kainui Serui, October 14th, 2017


In a glorious morning, the way to SMK Kainui Serui using motorcycle was very wonderful, go up and down the hill.

This school is the only Senior High School in Serui. Passing the wood bridge. While arriving at the school, all of the students already gathered and the seminar begun. While the material was being prensented, the whole students seriously paid attention. According to the teachers, some of the students have freesex life style. It is a very poor conditon hearing that condition. Then, they were asked to repent and stop from doing such life style. As they agreed to stop, then they were prayed to give their lives to Jesus.

It was a very touching moment that they were touched by God and also repented from their sins. And many of them wanted to be the servants of God.