Campus Ministry at STIE Mulia Pratama


PMPPKN was invited by STIE Mulia Pratama to conduct a sharing session. PMPPKN team came happily and started at 02.00 p.m. While the team came, the leader of campus fellowship was sharing. Then continued by PMPPKN team.

The preaching was taken from 1 Chor 2:7-11. Actually we were the one whose crucified Jesus as He died for all sinners and we were all sinners. He sacrificed Himself for us. Would we love Him and let Him come into our hearts as God, King, and Redeemer? After preaching, around 10 people surrendered their lives to Jesus, to be His servants.

To be the servant of God is a great privilege. We are all do not have ability to do that, but by His love He chose us, and helps us to be able to be His servant, the most previous calling all over the worldn, serving the owner of the world.

Glory to God!