Prayer Fellowship in the 1 Ketahun Senior High School, North Bengkulu


Praise the Lord, PMPPKN Team are grateful to be able to serve in the 1 Ketahun Senior High School,North Bengkulu. We arrived at this school at 11.30 PM, Pastor Aris Hondo as a Religion Teacher was welcomed PMPPKN team.There are 50 students’ presents in this fellowship.

We start with singing together; at the time some students not really focus, but at the end after we ask them to focus, they are start to listen. After that, we watched The Crossing; it is about the sacrifice of Jesus. Some of them were crying because of the movie, God really touched them with HIS Love.

Iriani as a PMPPKN Team preached about 2 Corinthians 5: 17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new Creation has come, the old has gone, and the new is here. If we trust God, Jesus will change us, to be a new creation. All the students listening and they rise their hand to Jesus as a sign that they trust God. Praise the Lord, there are 48 students are repent and received Jesus as the Lord.

Pastor Fairy invites the students to come forward, and ask them who has longing to serve God, and Praise the Lord, there are 23 students raise their hand and come forward. After that, Pastor Fairy pray for them, what a beautiful moment, How Great is Our God, Hallelujah.